Charminar Hyderabad

Charminar is the pride of Hyderabad; this is a monument that is lavish and magnificent in its look. The Charminar term literally means four towers and mosque of the four minarets. This monument is the most famous mosque of Hyderabad. This landmark harks back to the glorifying days when the country was under the kingship. The name as it suggests signifies is the form of mosque structure that has four towers ascending to the heaven off from the main body. This was apparently created to depict the first four Islam Caliphs respectively. There may be various stories regarding this landmark but all of them state and agree that this was indeed constructed under sultan Mohammed Quli qutub shah rule- the ruler of that time. One story states that the city was suffering from the dreadful disease plague and the sultan had prayed to end this suffering, and upon the plague eradication successfully, the mosque was constructed and this place was chosen as a prayer area.

Charminar History

Charminar is the historical beauty of Telangana, this beautiful monument was constructed under the architecture of Islamic culture, and we can even say that this is the signature of Islam architecture. Over here we can see that the building uses pulverised marble, limestone, mortar and granite for its main structure. This is a square building of 20 by 20 metres. The monument had four arches and each of it opens up to four streets. The Charminar history also states that this famous monument was built by the ruler for his wife. Whatever may the purpose of the creation, it is remarkable to state that this place is a very essential religious site of the region. The mosque is situated in the heart of the capital city and history also states that this is a strong indicator of the prosperity of the capital city Hyderabad. Tourists throb in to this place as it is regarded as a very important and symbolic place of the state.

Charminar in Hindi

The most famous and historical mosque and monument Charminar is in Hyderabad, India. The word Charminar in Hindi means four pillars or four tombs. This structure was built during 1591 AD. This famous building of the capital city is also famous in whole India as a very important monument. Built by Mohammed Quli qutab Shahi it is regarded as the celebration for end of deadly disease plague. The monument lies on the bank of river Musi and is very close to the places – Laad bazaar, Makkah masjid and more. The Word Charminar in Hindi is taken from two words char – means four and minar means towers.

Charminar movie

A movie was made in Kannada by the name Charminar, this was released in 2013 and this happened to be a romantic comedy movie, the Charminar movie is nowhere related to the monument or the building even though the movie is named so. However the movie revolves around a person whose life is compared with that of this famous monument.