Hyderabad is fastest developing city, many resources are available in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is hub of IT sectors and many colleges and shopping centres and for business sectors and for every sector Hyderabad is the best, so people from villages are migrating to Hyderabad for their life. Population in Hyderabad is also increasing day by day, and everyone is coming out from their homes and participating in every activity,every one is doing jobs, due to this traffic also increasing, we can find RTC buses will be fully packed with passengers and bus stops, shopping centers and every where public will be more, Our state govt. facing problem and taking care to avoid traffic, every person should be aware of traffic rules and regulations, Many fly over’s, foot over’s and roads are under construction. So we have to wait for some days to be free from traffic problem, every person should be feel responsibility to avoid traffic problem.

The Traffic in Hyderabad is increasing day by day, because of many people migrating from other states and Towns for the need of jobs. So, migrating from all over the state making the city very troublesome and nowadays each and every individual is able to purchase vehicles, so because of this also the traffic is getting amplified. The next reason for increase in traffic is that, most of the dividers are broken in the middle, from where the people are passing to take U-Turn.            So to avoid traffic problems we need to close the dividers and maintain different tracks for different vehicles. So, the people will follow there own track and drive the vehicles properly.

The Traffic Police of Hyderabad is responsible for maintaining the smooth flow of traffic and stopping offenders in the city or town and catching speeding offenders. If we come to the point of Hyderabad traffic and traffic police in Hyderabad, no other person is responsible for the traffic except the person who is driving the vehicle. When we come on the road we think that, only the traffic police is the responsible for the traffic to control, when we come to our point while driving we drive irresponsibly and don’t want to follow the rules. This is the main reason the traffic is not under control. and we think that roads are small, vehicles are too much, place is congested. Instead of think as a responsible citizen of India or city and always should follow rules. Hyderabad is one of the cities registering major number of accidents every year.

Our government is planning to bring “METRO TRAINS” to run in city to reduce the traffic. We hope for good and lastly it is every individual responsibility to be aware of traffic signals and to follow the traffic rules , so traffic problem can be solved as soon as possible. And traffic police also need to take serious steps in order to control traffic problem in Hyderabad and to avoid the inconvenience faced by the public.