Famous for its artificial pearls and jewelleries, Hyderabad is also known as the Pearl City of India and you might be thinking that it is only famous for its delicious Biriyani. Well to your Knowledge, Hyderabad is also known for its coloured stones. Very well known for its pearl and diamond trading centres, today the city gained its status as one of the biggest financial and Information Technology hubs in India. It is not only visited for the popular architectures like the Charminar and the Golkanada Fort or for the Ramoji Film City but today it is often frequented by corporate travellers as well. 
Thus one may inquire the best time to visit Hyderabad to feel its charm that the Nizam has left behind years before. Nestling on predominantly sloping terrain of grey and pink granite, dotted with small hills, the highest being Banjara Hills at 2,206 feet, Hyderabad acquits a tropical wet and dry climate. Generally this city has warm climate all throughout the year except for the winter season which is pleasant the climate in Hyderabad during this time draws in many tourists. Thus the ideal time to visit the city is from October to March.
The temperature in Hyderabad in October hops in between 22 degree and 30 degree whereas it drops to a minimum of 20 degree and stays within 25 degree in November. During the months of December and January the temperature in Hyderabad cuddles in between 15 degree and 20 degree and it is this time when you can enchant the city tour and its ambiance. The temperature in Hyderabad in February and March slightly rises to a maximum of 27 degree and In April the temperature soars to a high of 35 degree. Hyderabad climate is hot and humid in the month of May when the temperature scorches at 40 degree and 45 degree.In the months from June to September the city receives medium to heavy rains and may be associated with heavy winds. Monsoon days are not preferable for traveling. Tropical is the right word to describe the climate of Hyderabad.
There is a famous saying Italians Say, comes to Naples and Die, I would say come to Hyderabad and learn to live in its climate. As all over India, there are three seasons in Hyderabad. The first one is summer, summers in Hyderabad sets in by March and remains tills the end of June. Take extra precaution to save yourself from summer as this season is very hot and pretty challenging to survive.
Monsoons season in Hyderabad is from June to October. This season offers plenty of rainfall accompanied by humidity. Heavy rains can be experienced during SEPTEMBER which affects people in most of the areas, because of traffic jams. Heavy rain sometime bring life to halt.
Winter season is observed from November to February. Winter season is not that much chilly as we have in North India. Rather it only offers a pleasant climate. Nights are comparatively cool during this season. Average minimum temperature could reach up to 13 degrees, while maximum may rise up to 28 degrees.